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  • Jw-210 Square 5kg 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale

    Jw-210 Square 5kg 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale

    This stainless steel kitchen scale is made of 304 stainless steel with 3mm tempered glass and ABS plastic. A stylish and elegant look and a full range of features will complement your kitchen. the design of scale allow you to use plates or bowl. .kitchen scale provides measurements in KG/G/IB/OZ, and it also has the tare function to returning to zero, save on time and washing up by measuring multiple ingredients in the same bowl with the clever add and tare function. They feature easy to read LC...
  • Jw-211 Natural Eco-Frendly Bamboo Kitchen Scale

    Jw-211 Natural Eco-Frendly Bamboo Kitchen Scale

    The table is made of 100% natural bamboo board, which is specially treated to achieve mildew proof effect. Milk or other liquids can be weighed freely. There are 4 non-slip pads on the bottom to ensure that it will not slide easily in use. This digital bamboo kitchen scale has a handy LCD display to make cooking easier and fun. With this bamboo kitchen scale,you will accurately weigh the right amounts and make the scale even more user-friendly, you can adjust the scale to kg/g/lb/oz.This means y...
  • Jw-214 White Digital Plastic Kitchen Scale

    Jw-214 White Digital Plastic Kitchen Scale

    This is a very traditional plastic electronic kitchen scale, and you can see it in many places. Because of its simple design and low price has been loved by customers. This plastic kitchen scale is available in 2 sizes, 22.5*15.5*3.5cm and 24*17*4cm. At the top of the scale is a countertop design, which acts as a base for a bowl and can also be used directly as a weighing table. The kitchen scale has a large electronic display for easy reading, and the three buttons are traditional press buttons...

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Composition of Body Weight Scale:

A body weight scale typically consists of a weight sensor, a display, and a housing or platform.The weight sensor is typically a load cell, which is a device that converts pressure (weight) into an electrical signal. This electrical signal is then processed by a microcontroller or processor, which calculates the weight and displays it on the scale's display.The display can be an analog dial or a digital screen, which shows the weight measurement.The housing or platform is the outer structure of the scale, which holds all of the internal components in place. It is usually made of plastic or metal and can have a non-slip surface.


Development of Body Weight Scale:

The development of body weight scales can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where weight measurement was primarily done using balance scales. These scales consisted of a beam with pans on either end, and the weight of an object was determined by balancing it against known weights.

In the 20th century, electronic weight scales were developed, which use load cells and digital displays to accurately measure weight.

Over time, body weight scales have become more advanced and now include features such as body composition analysis, wireless connectivity, and the ability to store multiple user profiles.

In recent years, the development of smart scale has been on the rise, which not only measure the weight but also provide various body composition data and track the progress over time. They also connect to mobile apps and other devices to store, analyze and share the data with trainers or doctors.


Application of Body Weight Scale:

Personal use: Many people use body weight scales to monitor their weight and track their progress in achieving weight loss or gain goals.

Medical use: Body weight scales are commonly used in medical settings, such as hospitals and clinics, to monitor patients' weight changes as a way to track their health status.

Fitness and wellness: Body weight scales are also used in fitness and wellness settings, such as gyms and spas, to monitor the progress of clients' fitness and weight loss programs.

Research: Researchers use body weight scales in studies on obesity, weight loss, and other health-related topics.

Industrial use: Body weight scales are used in industries such as agriculture, transportation, and manufacturing to weigh goods, raw materials, and other items.

Smart scale: As mentioned earlier, with the development of smart scale, they are widely used to track the progress over time, monitor various body composition data, connect to mobile apps and devices to store, analyze and share the data with trainers or doctors.


Advantages of Body Weight Scale:

Convenience: Body weight scales are easy to use and can be found in most homes and medical facilities.

Accurate measurements: Electronic body weight scales are highly accurate and provide consistent measurements, which is important for tracking weight loss or gain.

Cost-effective: Body weight scales are relatively inexpensive and can be a cost-effective way to monitor weight changes over time.

Easy to read: Body weight scales often have large, easy-to-read displays, making it easy for people of all ages and abilities to use them.

Body composition analysis: Some body weight scales have the ability to measure body fat, muscle mass, and other body composition parameters, which can provide additional insights into overall health and fitness.

Wireless connectivity: Smart scales allow you to connect to mobile apps, devices, and the internet, allowing you to store, analyze, and share your data with trainers, doctors, or friends and family.

Multiple user profiles: Some body weight scales have the ability to store multiple user profiles, which makes it easy for families or groups of people to track their weight changes over time.