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  • JW-201 5KG Household Glass Kitchen Scale

    JW-201 5KG Household Glass Kitchen Scale

    Welldone glass kitchen scales is made of 4mm toughened glass and ABS plastic, safely treated on all sides and harmless, and can be customized in any color you want with just one Pantone number. The capacity of glass kitchen scale is 5KG and an accuracy of 1G. According to the demand can be customized 20*15cm or 20.5*16.5cm. Simple and easy to operate, this kitchen scale can be used to weigh any food. It has a high contrast LCD screen and is easy to read.  Its 4 high precision latest generation s...
  • JW-202 High Precision Round Household Glass Kitchen Scale

    JW-202 High Precision Round Household Glass Kitchen Scale

    This glass kitchen scale is made from round tempered glass and ABS plastic. With a product size of 19cm or more, this glass kitchen scale offers a wide range of design possibilities. Capacities range from 1G-5000g, with 2 sensitive touch buttons on the surface, designed for culinary perfectionists seeking the best form and function. No need for water cleaning, just a light wipe with a clean cloth. The digital kitchen scale comes with 1 CR2032 lithium battery or 2 AAA batteries. This round digita...

Zhejiang Welldone Industrial And Trading Co., Ltd was established in 1997, and is a professional China Toughened Glass Kitchen Scale Suppliers, we mainly customize products according to customers' drawings or samples, as a Toughened Glass Kitchen Scale company, we specialize in Custom Toughened Glass Kitchen Scale, and have passed the TUV CE, RoHS certification. We insist on providing the best products and good after-sales service to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. Our products sell well at home and abroad and are well received by customers.

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This scale is suitable for family use, made of tempered glass can be food contact. Combine the best materials with the latest technology to make the pattern never fade.The capacity can reach 5KG or 7KG, and at the same time, different units can be converted to meet the daily needs of families. The glass panels are waterproof and easy to clean, removing any stains with a gentle rub.You'll have a colorful, stylish, portable and easy to use  kitchen helper.

Development of Toughened Glass Kitchen Scale:

The development of kitchen scales made from toughened glass likely followed a similar process to the development of other kitchen scales. Here are a few key steps that may have been involved:

Research and development: Companies would have conducted research on the needs and preferences of consumers when it comes to kitchen scales. They would have also studied the properties of different materials, including toughened glass, to determine its suitability for a kitchen scale.

Design and prototyping: Once the research was complete, designers would have created initial concepts and prototypes of the kitchen scale, testing and refining the design as needed.

Testing and certification: The kitchen scale would have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it meets all relevant safety and quality standards.

Manufacturing: Once the design is finalized, the kitchen scale would be manufactured on a large scale, with quality control measures in place to ensure that each unit meets the desired specifications.

Marketing and distribution: The kitchen scale would be marketed and sold to consumers through various channels, such as retail stores, online marketplaces, and the company's own website.

It's worth noting that these steps are not always followed in a strict order, and can differ depending on the company and the specific product.


Advantages of Toughened Glass Kitchen Scale:

There are several advantages of using a kitchen scale made of toughened glass, including:

Durability: Toughened glass is much stronger and more resistant to breaking than regular glass, making it a more durable option for a kitchen scale.

Safety: If the glass were to break, it would shatter into small, rounded pieces, reducing the risk of injury compared to regular glass, which can break into sharp shards.

Hygiene: Toughened glass is non-porous, making it easy to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria or other contaminants.

Aesthetics: Toughened glass can have a sleek, modern look that can enhance the aesthetic of a kitchen.

Easy to read: Toughened glass is often easy to read, with clear and easy to read measurements markings.


Applications for Toughened Glass Kitchen Scale:

Cooking and baking: Toughened glass kitchen scales are ideal for measuring ingredients when cooking and baking, as they are easy to clean and can handle the weight of heavy ingredients.

Diet and nutrition: Toughened glass kitchen scales can be used to accurately measure portion sizes and track calorie intake, helping people with dietary restrictions and weight-loss goals.

Food service: Toughened glass kitchen scales can be used in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and other food service settings to ensure accurate measurement of ingredients and portion control.

Chemistry and laboratory settings: Toughened glass kitchen scales are suitable for use in laboratory settings such as chemistry or biology labs. They can be used for precise measurement of small amounts of materials or samples.

Industrial settings: Toughened glass kitchen scales can be used in industrial settings such as factories and warehouses to weigh materials, goods, and products.

Home use: Toughened glass kitchen scales are also popular for home use, they can be used to weigh food items and other small object, also they are easily cleaned and can be used for multiple purposes.